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"No one plans for divorce, and when I found myself completely overwhelmed by the process, Bill Noelker was recommended to me. My first phone conversation with him assured me that no complication would be a barrier to resolving this. I appreciated Bill's calm confidence and obvious tactical experience from that day forward, and it has never failed, including through several court appearances. Even though I live two states away, Bill and his team of Camille and Susie kept me up to date constantly and were responsive to my inquiries without fail. Bill clearly explained the law, advised me carefully and advocated for my best interests the entire time. I give Bill Noelker my highest recommendation and my most sincere gratitude."

- Nicole Balding Roca

"My names is Nick. It all started back in 2015 when me and my family were hit by rough times. I started to look around the area for Bankruptcy Attorneys and I had met with several different ones. I wasn't sure that any of them I had met was the one for me. That all changed when I met with Bill Noelker and his asst. Camille. The minute I walked into his office I knew that he was the attorney  of my choice before I had even told him of my situation. I felt welcomed and not judged. I told Bill what my thoughts were and process I thought would be the best way to file and he reassured me that a Chapter 13 was the best way to file. He didn't request anything up front and has made this process so easy. Every time I call with some crazy question he or his asst. Camille always calls  me back in a timely manner. So all that being said if your looking for a great attorney look no further. Just give Bill Noelker a call. You won't regret it. He also does other things as well not just bankruptcy. Helton, Walter and Noelker Law Firm is top notch in my book. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Nick Henderson

"    After a serious car accident that required multiple surgeries and a lengthy hospitalization it was clear that dealing with the insurance companies and managing the mounting medical bills while I was healing was not something I could focus on. Matt Walter was recommended by a family friend and agreed to meet me in my hospital room the very next day after we contacted him. He listened to what had happened and reviewed all the materials we had accumulated before diving into what he thought he could do to help. He explained the process of what would be involved and was honest that these types of accidents could take up to a couple years to settle or even go to court if necessary. I immediately felt at ease that I had made the right choice and began to relax because I knew I didn’t have to rush to settle or take a check because Matt would handle everything.
     The entire team at Helton, Walter and Noelker were always accessible, responded to every question or request and made me feel like a priority throughout the entire process. Matt was able to negotiate a settlement that prevented a prolonged court battle, cleared all of my medical expenses and provided some compensation for the ordeal myself and my family had to endure. I would recommend Matt Walter and his firm Helton, Walter, and Noelker to anyone who is put into a similar situation and would absolutely use them again myself.

-    "

- Anonymous

"I called Matt Walter's office at a time my world had fallen apart.  Betrayed.  Traumatized.  Scared.  My marriage of more than 40 years was over, and I needed help.  Matt's calm, competent, steady legal advice and action literally made all the difference in my survival.  I felt I received clear, consistent direction and unwavering support throughout the heart-wrenching divorce process.  It was definitely the worst time of my life as I faced an adversarial, bizarre year when my whole life turned upside down.  Matt responded to my questions, calls, and emails with timely, honest, knowledgeable answers.  I had the legal support and anchor I needed to be able to move forward with my life.  



- Anonymous

"Matt Walter is a caring, compassionate, and highly competent attorney.
I have watched Matt work with two adults with developmental disabilities
who needed legal counsel for different situations.  Matt treated both of
these individuals with respect, dignity, and so very much kindness.  I was
not only impressed by Matt’s knowledge of the legal matters, his efficiency 
in dealing with the issues, and his professional manner in court but also
with his compassionate heart in assisting his clients with understanding 
what they would be experiencing.  He is a fine person as well as 
a very skilled attorney.


- Melissa Caudill

"    I sought out Ephraim Helton due to a reputation of legal success.  I found the reputation to be true, but lacking.  What I found lacking in the reputation, there was no mention of the care and compassion shown by Mr. Eph Helton and his staff.  Like most divorces involving children, emotions for me ran high.  Eph made his position very clear during my initial visit….”our focus will be on what is in the best interest of your son.”  Thank you Eph for your integrity and boldness to maintain the focus on what my son and I truly needed.  You made the most out of a bad situation and I would recommend Ephraim Helton to anyone when I hear they are in need of legal representation.   "

- S. Bragg

" Bill was recommended to me by another attorney. We were seeking legal advice and didn't know if we even had a case. He was very compassionate and helpful through our entire process. He was able to find the resources that we needed to help us complete the legal process. The number one thing about Bill he was honest and attentive during our case. Losing a loved one is never easy but Bill seemed to understand and share my grief. Not only did I get a good understanding attorney I got a friend that I feel I could call anytime for advice. It's not everyday you have to hire a attorney but if you do I highly recommended you give Bill Noelker a chance to offer his services. Thanks for everything bill you were great."

- Danville Resident

"I was extremely happy with the services Bill and Mary did for me. Bill not only acted as a superb attorney, but he became a very dear friend, who was not only interested in my case, but he cared for my well-being along the way. Their compassion, caring and love for me as I tried to mend from my ordeal was so evident. Even when I was laid up in the hospital, rehab, and eventually home,  they always kept me informed on the progress of my case. Bill and Mary are two very professional people, but within them are two conscientious and caring individuals. They are beyond attorney and secretary...they are friends."

- Diane B.

"In 2012 the passing of my mother, as executor of the estate, I was lead to Bill Noelker through another lawyer. Bill was outstanding. Very compassionate toward the emotions of dealing with one's death. Highly professional and with much integrity in dealing with litigation, the court's process, and all the detail to move things along in a timely manner. Not only did I get a knowledgeable, hard working lawyer, I also got a friend."

- Clarence P.

"I have used this law firm on several occasion and have found them and their support staff to be very efficient in handling my affairs in a prompt and professional manner."

- Woodie L.