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March 15, 2018
Many potential clients want to know if we give free consultations. The answer is yes and no. Personal Injury consultations are always free. Call us, email us or simply drop in and we will gladly talk with you about your case. We provide free… Read Full Post
February 22, 2018
If there's one question our Danville bankruptcy attorneys hear more than anything else from potential clients, it's: “Will bankruptcy make it impossible for me to get credit? Will my credit be ruined forever?” These are fair and reasonable… Read Full Post
February 05, 2018
I am often asked how much it costs to file a bankruptcy. The answer is that it may cost you as little as $78.00 depending on your circumstances. The $78.00 covers the first installment payment for the filing fee in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you… Read Full Post
January 27, 2018
As technology has improved so has the reliability of aircraft. Aviation accidents caused by mechanical failure exceeded those caused by human in our not so distant past. Today most aviation accidents are either caused directly by human error or… Read Full Post
January 25, 2018
Most of my bankruptcy clients will ask me if they have to "file" on all of their debts. What they are really asking is can they keep their car or other secured asset after the bankruptcy is over. The answer is it depends, but most secured assets can… Read Full Post
January 20, 2018
Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are hurt by avoidable medical errors. This number includes many innocent patients in Danville and throughout Kentucky. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help if you have been hurt by a… Read Full Post
December 28, 2017
Pelvic mesh is a synthetic cloth like material which is widely used to treat various forms of incontinence in women. Women who give birth commonly suffer incontinence due to the birthing process. For many years a product commonly referred to as… Read Full Post
February 02, 2017
I represent many clients who don’t understand the importance of maintaining Under Insured Motorist Coverage more widely known by the acronym UIM. If you are injured in an automobile accident which is not your fault and the at fault driver has… Read Full Post
May 21, 2014
You are scheduled for routine surgery on your left leg. The doctor tells you there’s nothing to be worried about and the risk of complications is very small. The nurse administers the anesthesia and you quickly fall asleep. The next thing you know… Read Full Post
February 10, 2014
Merriam-Webster defines Bellwether as someone or something that leads others or shows what will happen in the future. Bellwether trials involving American Medical Systems (A.M.S.), manufacturer of transvaginal mesh products, are scheduled to begin… Read Full Post