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Commercial airplanes are governed by the regulations affecting common carriers. They are governed by different laws and protocols than are private airplanes or other private vehicles.  

A common carrier is a business that transports persons or cargo for compensation. Both federal and state regulations govern the activities of common carriers such as buses, trains, and airplanes. As a general rule, a common carrier is held to a higher standard of care than is a private party. They must have both the skill and the training to transport passengers and cargo, and more than reasonable care must be exercised.

crashed airplane in grassy fieldWhen an airplane crashes, the first area of information must be to discover what caused the crash. This can be difficult, since much evidence can be destroyed, including signs of mechanical failure or pilot error. Some of the causes of crashes include pilot error, which is the most frequent cause; design flaws; mechanical failure; and extreme weather conditions.

It is vital that whatever evidence is available be collected and studied so that the cause of the crash can be determined. Once this is done, it will be possible to decide if the basis for a lawsuit exists.

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