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Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Family & Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Clients Near Danville, Harrodsburg, Lancaster & Stanford, Kentucky

Helton, Walter & Noelker Attorneys at Law proudly offers a wide range of legal services and more than 75 years of combined experience to meet the diverse needs of all our clients. We understand that your legal concerns can feel overwhelming. Whether faced with a serious injury, bankruptcy, family, probate or criminal matter, our experienced attorneys will personally handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on getting back on track.

If you live in the Danville, Harrodsburg or Lancaster areas of Central Kentucky and are looking for a trusted law firm to fight for your rights, please contact us today online or at 859-236-1010 to discuss your case. We give free estate, personal injury and bankruptcy consults, as well as free consults to our veterans.

Experience, Compassion, Results

You deserve an experienced, compassionate, proactive attorney who is focused on protecting your rights. The lawyers at Helton, Walter & Noelker Attorneys at Law have successfully represented thousands of clients in a variety of cases.

When dealing with a complex and emotionally difficult legal issue, the last thing you need to hear is confusing legal jargon. Our attorneys are committed to providing clear, informative answers and professional legal representation. We will analyze your case, explain all of your options and develop a comprehensive strategy to win your case.

We know that the keys to success are rooted in hard work and individualized, client-focused strategies. Our unique approach to legal representation ensures that your case receives the respect and attention it deserves.

Our areas of practice include:

Partner and associate attorneys at Helton, Walter & Noelker
Our attorneys, L-R: Bill Noelker, Stacy Coontz, Matthew Walter, Winfield Frankel, Ephraim 'Eph' Helton

At the Law Firm of Helton, Walter & Noelker Attorneys at Law, You Are Our Top Priority

Some attorneys spend big bucks advertising their services. They use gimmicks and catchy names to convince you to call. But what most people don’t realize is that when you hire one of these attorneys there is a good chance that attorney won’t actually work on your case and your case may be farmed out. These attorneys make money on quick settlements and referral fees, neither of which serves your best interests.

When you choose Helton, Walter & Noelker Attorneys at Law, you are hiring attorneys who will handle all aspects of your case in order to maximize your results. Why settle for pennies on the dollar when you can get the whole dollar? We have the experience, passion and work ethic to make sure you get everything that you deserve.

entrance to the office of Helton, Walter & Noelker Attorneys at LawWe understand that when you need a lawyer, it’s rarely because something good is happening in your life. We often meet our clients when they are most vulnerable, confused and in need of someone they can trust. We take the responsibility of being your trusted adviser and advocate to heart. Whether in a courtroom or at a negotiating table, we won’t back down or give up. You are our top priority, and we will aggressively represent you to ensure your rights and best interests are protected.

Giving Back to the Community

Our firm recognizes the importance of giving back to the community in which we live and work. We also believe that everyone deserves exceptional legal representation, not just those who can afford it. These core beliefs lie at the heart of our community efforts.

We proudly support all the local schools. We are members of the Danville Chamber of Commerce and support local chapter of the NAACP as well as the Great American Brass Band Festival.

We proudly provide pro bono legal services to disabled military veterans in the Central Kentucky area.  All veterans receive a free consultation. Service to our brave military veterans is both a duty and a privilege. It is our sincere honor to give back to our American heroes.

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If you are in need of an experienced lawyer in Central Kentucky and would like to speak with one of our attorneys about your case, please complete the form on this page or call 859-236-1010. We proudly serve the communities of Danville, Harrodsburg, Lancaster and Stanford.